Carpet Cleaning in Bonney Lake and Orting Washington WA

Magic Carpet Cleaning is a specialty carpet cleaning service to clean and restore carpets in any home or business. The company was founded in 1998 and has served in the Greater Pierce County Area since then with excellent, experienced carpet cleaning, upholstery, and window cleaning services. Our truck mounted carpet cleaning services allow us to come to your business or home at very affordable prices.

Magic Carpet Cleaning cares about their customers and with experienced team leaders they are committed in providing top quality cleaning and restoring to any room – for any reason; high traffic areas, pet soiled spots, deep soiled area and any other trauma a flooring may have experienced.

Magic’s mission is to provide a healthier, happier and cleaner world for you with our many services:

* Upholstery- Furniture gets dirty with the everyday use by family, pets, customers and often times it is overlooked when cleaning is performed. If the furniture in a home or business has become stained, dirty and even worn looking we can clean it and apply a treatment to keep it looking its best.

* Cleaning- Our aim is not only provide carpet cleaning, but to restore it. We set out to return carpets to as close as an original condition as possible. Often times there are certain sections that require special attention and our trained specialist will ensure they receive just that. Extra scrubbing is often done to these areas to bring them back to their original look and give a room a new and restored image.

Fabric Protectors

When furniture is purchased it comes with a protection that over time will wear off by normal daily use. Our service will provide reapplying this protection so furniture regains its ability to resist soil and stains. Applied by trained experts, this layer of protection will provide extra time for one to clean a spill before it becomes a stain.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Grout often requires a special type of cleaning as it is susceptible to staining. Technicians with Magic are trained to bring the luster and restore the life of tile and grout.

Pet Odor Removal

There is an increase need to remove pet odors from homes. This annoying and often recurring odor can be dealt with by Magic’s detailed plan. We have a solution that can provide a total removal of these odors.

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